Control Access & Record Meetings


Roles in Teams meetings allow you as the organizer to control what participants of your meeting can do. If you’re organizing a meeting with multiple attendees, you may want to assign roles to each participant to determine who can do what in the meeting.

View Microsoft’s documentation regarding Roles in Teams meetings


Currently, attendees are only able to speak and show the video captured by their device camera, participate in meeting chat, and privately view a PowerPoint file shared by someone else. This is the least permissive meeting role.

Attendees are NOT allowed to record a meeting.


Meeting participants are given the presenter role by default.

You must access Meeting options and restrict the presenter role in order to change all other participants to the attendee role.

The steps shown below detail scheduling the meeting as normal through Teams, accessing Meeting options on the scheduled meeting via the Teams calendar, and assigning the presenter role to “Only me” or “Specific people.”

Presenters are allowed to record a meeting, if you do not want users to have that ability you’ll need to modify their role as described above.

Schedule a meeting as usual through Outlook or Teams calendar

First, schedule a meeting as you normally would.

teams screenshotAt the time, you can control who can bypass the lobby of your meeting and who can present in your meeting. Default options are shown below.

Title, invite participants, add details and save to schedule your meeting

Title your meeting, invite attendees, add location and channel as needed, and enter a description.

teams screenshot

Access your scheduled meeting to edit meeting details

Access your meeting from the Teams calendar to edit the meeting options. You can also access Teams meetings scheduled through Outlook in this calendar.

Click the meeting or right-click and select Edit.

teams screenshot

Select meeting to options to assign roles

Select “meeting options” to assign roles to your meeting attendees before the meeting begins.

teams screenshot

Default meeting options

teams screenshot

Bypass lobby options

teams screen shot

Presenter Options

teams screenshot

Most control option

Most control: Only those with login in my organization (TU) can bypass the lobby and only I can present.

Intermediate Control

Intermediate control: Only those with a login in my organization (TU) can bypass the lobby and only those I specify can presesnt.

Control a meeting while it is in progress

Need to make a change in a meeting that has already started? Use the participants pane to mute a participant, make the participant an attendee, or remove them from your meeting.

Hover over any participant and click the ellipsis (…) to view the menu of options for controlling your meeting while it is in progress.