Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an authentication method requiring two or more pieces of information to access an application/website. Login requires a combination of your username, your password, and a mobile device or phone.

Once the IT Department adds your area to the system, you’ll get a message when attempting to login into WebAdvisor or Self-Service to set up the multi-factor authentication. In the future Colleague will also require MFA.

We’re using Office 365 Microsoft Authenticator that provides several contact methods to choose from:

  • Receive notifications on a mobile app that can be downloaded to Androids and iOS phones. With the app, you only have to hit an approve button and it takes you right in without having to type your username and password
  • Call or text your cell phone with a verification code
  • Have an automated voice call to your office phone

Please note that it will be very important to lock your computer when you leave your desk since the authentication is based on your Windows credentials.

Authenticator App

If you want to use the authenticator app, download the Microsoft Authenticator from your app store. Once the IT Department adds your area to the system, you’ll get a message when logging into WebAdvisor or Self-Service to set up the multi-factor authentication. Follow the prompts to set up a work or school account. If using the app, a QR code will appear on your computer screen during set-up which you will take a picture of on your cell phone for configuration.

Please note — The initial set-up does not work well with Internet Explorer so use another Web Browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

MFA Setup

Microsoft provides detailed setup and configuration information. Please follow their setup guide to setup any device with the Authenticator app.

Please email if you need assistance.

Installation Guide

Initial Setup

Services that currently use MFA include: Colleague, Self-Service, and WebAdvisor. When you
attempt to access a service that uses MFA and you have not set up MFA, you will see this.

University of Tulsa TUNetID login screen

ENTER password, then CLICK Next.

You will see a screen that prompts you to download the Microsoft Authenticator App.

Screenshot that says "Keep your Account Secure" and shows the link to download authenticator app

Download the app through the Google Play or Apple App store.

screenshot of apple app store screen

You will receive a pop-up message asking if you would like to receive notifications for the
Authenticator app. *It is your preference but if you do not receive notifications then you will
have to go to the app when receiving a push to authenticate (when you login into a system
using MFA) so we suggest to allow notifications for this particular app.

screenshot of phone screen showing the 'allow notifications screen'

You will receive another message, notifying you about the app’s collection of non-personally
identifiable usage data.

screenshot showing notification about collecting personally identifiable data

Set Up the Authenticator App

This is the first screen you will see

first screen during authenticator app set up

The second screen will prompt you to add your first account

authenticator screen prompting you so add your first account

The next screen requires you to go back to your browser and click next

setup account screenshot from browser

Scan the QR code using your phone camera/ Authenticator app

If asked to add another account then click the + and select work or personal account, then scan
QR code provided

Select to add a work or school account

screenshot showing what kind of account you want to add

USE your phone camera/Authenticator app to scan the image OR CLICK on “Can’t scan image”

screenshot of qr code that needs to be scanned by the camera in your phone

screenshot of phone camera scanning qr code on computer screen

IF you clicked “Can’t scan image” then you will see this screen next. It has a CODE and URL for
you to enter and create a new account.

ENTER both code and URL on phone.

screenshot showing how to manually add an account to the app

You should see this screen next:

screenshot of what you will see when you successfully add code and url from previous step

Click ‘Next’

Screenshot of what you will see when you successfully add your new account

CLICK done and you should see a green pop up showing you were successful, click NEXT and
then Self-Service/WebAdvisor/Colleague screen should display.

*IF clicking “Done” does not close out the window or take you to another screen, on the first
click a green pop up says you were successful, additional clicks on “Done” a red pop up says
there was an error. Simply close out the browser if you have received the green pop up at least

Adding a second contact method

Go to to see how to add a second contact method.