Wireless Network (TUwpa)


On your Android device, open Settings, then open Network Settings

Ensure your device’s Wi-Fi is enabled, and open the Wi-Fi settings.

Select TUwpa Wi-Fi network

Enter your TUNetID as the Identity (this may be called “Username”), and your TU password.

If prompted to select a certificate, choose Do not validate.

Click Connect to continue.

Your device should now be connected to TUwpa Wi-Fi

Mac OS

Open System Preferences… from the Apple menu bar.

In the System Preferences window, select Network.

Select Wi-Fi settings on the left menu. Ensure Wi-Fi status is On.
Select the Advanced button.

From the Wi-Fi tab, press the + button

On the next screen, select the Show Networks button to view a list of available networks.

Select TUwpa from the network list and press the Join button.

Enter your TUNetID and password on the connection screen. (Example TUNetID: abc1234)

Select Continue on the Verify Certificate prompt

The TUwpa Wi-Fi network will connect. Select the OK button to complete.

You should now be connected. Apply the new network settings and close System Preferences.

You can quickly toggle between networks using the Network icon in the top Apple menu bar.

iOS (iPhone/iPad)

On your iOS device, open Settings

In Settings, select WiFi

Ensure your Wi-Fi is turned on, then select the TUwpa Wi-Fi network.

Enter your TUNetID and password (example TUNetID: abc1234), then press Join

If prompted with a Certificate warning, select Trust to proceed.

You should now be connected to the TUwpa Wi-Fi network.

Windows OS

This tutorial includes a video walk-through in addition to the instructions below.

Select the Network Connections icon in your computer’s system tray.


Select TUwpa in the network list and press Connect.


Enter your TUNetID and password, then press OK.


Select Connect if you’re prompted to “Continue Connecting?”


When the status changes to “Connected, secured” you’ve successfully established the connection and will have network and Internet access.

Chrome OS