VDI Remote Access

This method will allow College of Business students to remotely utilize MS Access 2016 for course/project use.

  1. Download and install the VMware Horizon client for your primarily operating system (Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS)
  2. Open the VMware Horizon client on your device
    • Click on the “New Server” button and enter ccbview.ad.utulsa.edu as the name of the Connection Server
    • You may get a popup saying that the identity of the server cannot be verified. Select Continue
    • Login with your TU user id and password when prompted. Authentication may take a minute or longer
    • After successful authentication, you will see an icon for CCBPool2. Double-click on the icon to launch your VM
    • When you are done using the VM, you can close the VMware Horizon client to close the connection
  3. After you have completed the VMware Horizon client installation and logged in once, the next time you launch the Horizon client, you will see an icon for the ccbview.ad.utulsa.edu. Just double-click it and enter your TU user id and password to launch your VM.

NOTE: Any work completed on the VMs is NOT SAVED on the local VM client and must be stored externally using one or more of the below methods. Anything stored locally on the VM can & probably will go away after logging out / being disconnected.

Save your VM flies to:

  • Your own flash / thumb drive
  • A cloud service (Dropbox, OneDrive, your CIS web server, etc)