Aruba 505h Setup

Do you have a 505h to install in your room? Watch the video below get online.

New Wi-Fi!

Rejoice! Crews are hard at work rolling out an all new Wi-Fi network across campus this fall. Expect improved coverage, faster speeds, and better connectivity between your laptop, phone, tablet, and all your other devices. This new Aruba Networks hardware supports the latest 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 standards for incredible connectivity across the entire campus, including outdoor spaces. You’ll now be able to stream Netflix under the stars on Dietler Commons.

Pardon our Dust

The transition to new Wi-Fi will take several months. During this time you may need to switch between the old and new networks as you move between buildings. Look for TUwifi in the updated areas, but you’ll need to continue to connect to TUwpa where TUwifi isn’t enabled. Bear with us as we work out the kinks in the new system.

To see our current upgrade progress visit

Report any connectivity issues to so we can work to make the Wi-Fi the best experience possible.

Res Life Wi-Fi

One area of campus that may benefit the most is the residential halls. Now every residence hall bedroom will get it’s own dedicated Wi-Fi access point. Gone are the days of weak signals from access points in the hallway blocked by thick walls and doors. You’ll get a far better Wi-Fi experience than was ever possible before.

In addition, each residential access point includes four wired network ports on the bottom to connect your desktop, game console, or other wired devices directly to the network for the fastest possible speeds.

Getting Connected

There are a few options depending on what you’re connecting to the network. Read on to find the right network for you.


This is the new network for laptops, phones, and tablets. Enter your TUNetID and password to get connected without any additional registration needed. Depending on your operation system you may need to configure some additional details. If prompted for Phase 1 and 2 authentication types choose PEAP and MSCHAPv2.


This is the new network for game consoles, streaming devices, and other “smart” devices. Laptops, phones, and tablets are not allowed to connect to TUdevices, and must use TUwifi.

The MAC address of each device must be registered at before connecting.

Please note: Many devices depend on AirGroup to function properly. This includes printers, streaming systems, and other smart devices. Please check the Enable AirGroup checkbox to enable device discovery features.

Residential Wired

Wired devices must also be registered before they will operate on the network.

For the ports on the bottom of the Aruba residential APs, register wired device MAC addresses at

For legacy wired ports register wired device MAC addresses at


If you’re having trouble connecting to the network, check out the Common Network Problems topic or contact the IT Help Desk via email at